Operator MOBISMART Mobile Off-Gid Power & Storage Inc.
Location Toronto, Canada
Stage Operating
Commodity Mobile solar power generation systems with integrated battery storage.
Terms 2.5% Gross Revenue Royalty on all current and future gross revenues and any potential business divestment revenues generated by MOBISMART. The Royalty has a term of 15 years and Green Star Royalties has granted MOBISMART an initial payment holiday on the Royalty, where the first payment of the Royalty, calculated from the closing date, will occur no later than January 2023.

MOBISMART has been granted a royalty repurchase provision, whereby it will have, at its sole election and in connection with a potential go-public event, the right to repurchase the Royalty in its entirety for C$10 million in cash, or partially on a pro rata basis.

Acquisition Date
January 26, 2022
Acquisition Price
C$300,000 in cash

Green Star Royalties announced an investment in a local, high-growth technology company, MOBISMART, whose products reduce or offset COemissions in environmentally-sensitive areas by displacing diesel usage. MOBISMART’s innovative business model is well positioned for high-growth sectors such as integrated power solutions, solar conversion of refrigeration vehicles and e-fleet fast-charging stations. Green Star Royalties expects cash flows from this investment to commence no later than January 2023.


  • Operating business in Canada: MOBISMART is a private, operating company headquartered in Toronto, Canada, that specializes in mobile solar power generation systems with integrated battery storage.
  • Reduces reliance on diesel for net zero objectives: MOBISMART’s integrated product offering includes mobile solar power trailers and containers with leading-edge power electronics and remote monitoring. MOBISMART delivers to a wide range of power generation requirements while reducing the need for traditional diesel power generation and its associated CO2.
  • Versatile product application: MOBISMART’s product lineup can be deployed virtually anywhere, including construction sites, disaster relief situations, military operations, mining camps, as well as at telecom towers and 5G infrastructure in urban, rural and remote locations.
  • Innovative power solutions: Additional high-growth areas include integrated power solutions for solar conversion of refrigeration vehicle fleets, e-fleet fast-charging stations and vertical axis wind turbines.
  • Key relationships: MOBISMART benefits from working relationships with industry leaders such as Siemens AG, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Sono Motors GmbH, Victron Energy B.V., and Schneider Electric SE.


  • MOBISMART is an innovator of advanced, mobile and portable, solar power generation systems that can be easily deployed to construction and natural disaster sites and other urban, rural and remote locations needing off-grid power.
  • MOBISMART’s various power generation and battery storage solutions, including trailerized and containerized systems delivering a range of power requirements, work to reduce the reliance on CO2-emitting diesel generation, fill the gap of compromised on-grid power sources, and support 24/7 mission critical needs.
  • MOBISMART manufactures its systems in North America, leveraging ISO 9001-certified facilities in Ontario and Quebec. This local control over manufacturing allows for better quality optimization and timely solution delivery, removing any potential supply chain and quality-related issues associated with offshore manufacturing.


  Mobile, solar power generation systems with integrated battery storage.

  MOBISUN SPARK Single-Axle                               MOBISUN FLARE Dual-Axle
  4-Panel Solar Power Generator                               8-Panel Solar Power Generator


  Portable, solar power generation systems with integrated battery storage

  MOBIPOWER Containerized Solar Power Generator and Battery Storage (sizes range from 10ft – 40ft)